Superchargers and turbocharger available on market



Supercharger is a mechanical unit consisting of an air compressor, a boost storage tank and a gas exchange unit with by-pass channels.

Supercharger kit is a complete set of components easy to mount the given motorcycle based on Do-It-Yourself (DIY) concept.


Market survey of superchargers for 50-125cc engines

We have conducted significant market research of small engine motorcycles; from this we are unable to find a single manufacturer, primary or aftermarket, manufacturing DIY supercharger kits for 50cc to 125cc motorcycles. This is why we have to compare our supercharger kit with potential analogues.

Manufacturer Engine displacement, cc Compressor, Type Price per each supercharger , $ US Price per each supercharger kit $ US Details Reference
Our team 50cc Vane 499
(per supercharger)
699 About to launch mass manufacturing This site
Hansen Engine Technologies, Inc. 50cc Roots-like N/A 999
(Declared price. On sale — N/A)
Under manufacturing See link
Ogura Clutch 50cc-100cc Roots 2,156
(per compressor)
Under manufacturing See link
Our team 125cc Vane 499 699 R&D stage This site
Busch (Peugeot Jetforce) 125cc Roots N/A N/A Bolt-on Peugeot Jetforce 125cc See link

Turbocharger and small engines

We have investigated the possibility of offering a turbocharger in our kit. During our market research we were unable to find any information relating to the mass production of turbochargers for 50cc to 125cc motorcycle engines. The minimal engine displacement, to which the turbocharger may be mounted, is 600cc.
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