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Price: $499

Supercharger 50cc (ready-assembled)

Can be mounted on a 50cc 4 stroke engine
— Compressor
— Boost storage tank
— Gas exchange unit
— Pulley

Supercharger is sold ready-assembled, because it is structurally optimized for supercharging 4 stroke 50cc engine.
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Price: $699

Supercharger kit for Honda Monkey

Do-it-yourself bolt-on supercharger kit specifically designed for the 50cc Honda Z50/AB27 “Monkey”.
— Supercharger assembly
— Supercharger Kit (set)
  — Drive belt
  — Drive belt cover
  — Driving pylley
  — Stretcher bearing assembly
  — Driving belt, jets, mounting bolts
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Approval from Global Automotive Engineering Community

The technical results of our work are presented in a scientific article. The Worldwide community of Automotive Engineers SAE has made the decision to publish our paper. Also, SAE invited our team to give a presentation at the SAE/JSAE SETC 2013 Conference, for OEM R&D engineers and executives of world leading motorcycle manufacturers. Discussions during the presentation highlighted an important problem when supercharging small engines, according to the motorcycle OEM expert’s opinions; motorcycle engines must have a quick revolution change response. An installed supercharger that doesn’t provide this requirement: collapses, gaps and has a delayed reaction to the position of the acceleration throttle. We also faced this problem when working on installing our supercharger, but we managed to solve it successfully. Our supercharger gives adequate engine revolution change and response constantly during engine operation. During the conference, we clearly highlighted the problems our team faced and our solutions. These solutions were highly evaluated by the engineer society.

JSAE Paper No 20139015
High Performance Characteristics of a Motorcycle Powered by a Small Four-Stroke 50cc-125cc Engine at the Expense of a Positive Displacement Air Compressor as a Supercharger