Engine power increase with nitrogen monoxide

Nitrogen monoxide increases the oxygen content in air supplied to the engine. Nitrogen monoxide is supplied to the engine from removable containers.

We share the opinions of one of our most experienced correspondents, with which we fully agree.

Nitrous is impractical for obvious reasons — the bottle is always empty when you really need it! Running nitrous is a bit of a gamble, you add a lot of oxygen to the combustion, and if there is not 100% control of the mixture — engine failure is to be expected. Modern computer- controlled nitrous systems function really well, but these are seldom seen installed on two- wheeled vehicles. It is possible to run nitrous injection on a moped engine — but only after a lot of dialing-in on a rolling road with precise instruments added.

In our opinion, nitro usage is not safe for an engine, or to the driver. In order to increase safety, precise air-fuel ratio adjustment is required.

The cheapest variant for Nitros


The most expensive variant for Nitros