Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to purchase?

We are also planning to sell our products via this webpage:
— to individuals via Paypal;
— to registered companies vie by bank transfer;
Delivery to individuals by mail.
Delivery to registered companies in accordance with the preliminary agreement

2. Are there discounts for wholesale buyers?

Yes, there are. It’s a commonly used practice.

3. What do quality control specialists (authorities) think of our kit installation?

Presently, there is no supercharged motorcycle equipment widely offered by market. Therefore, supercharging of motorcycles is not regulated. We have provided a simple installation of our kit, as well as its simple dismount with the reconstruction of the stock original appearance.

4. Who is the supercharger client?

Initially we were planning to offer the supercharger kit for Honda Monkey only, definitely not just a supercharger. It is much easier to install our specifically developed supercharger kit than the supercharger itself. However after placing our video clip on YouTube in 2013 the feedback showed that in fact all over the world so many owners of motorcycles powered by 4-stroke 50cc engine are excited to have our supercharger and get it installed by themselves.

5. What are the benefits of your KIT on my Honda Monkey?

Operators of Honda Monkey with our Kit receive:
— unique innovative product,
— new satisfactory sensations of riding your bike for a reasonable amount of money,
— new motives for using your favorite bike and sharing the experience with your friends.