Electric superchargers

About so-called «Electric Superchargers»

It is known that significant IC engine increase can be acquired by compressing redundant air. To reach significant acceleration increases with small engines, an air increase of no less than 1.3:1 must be supplied. This air must also be compressed. We are unable to find any performance maps for existing electric superchargers, like OEM manufacturers of turbo and superchargers provide for their products.

The performance map of our 50cc supercharger.


This diagram shows us a slide taken from our report in Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE, www.sae.org) where, among other questions, the issue of quantitate ratio between supercharger and air consumption was discussed.
This joint diagram shows the theoretical and actual capacity of the supercharger at different backpressures. Also shown are the theoretical and actual curves of air consumption by the motorcycle engine.
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