How to cooperate with us

Special offer to the mechanics involved in the supercharger business.

Usually you buy a compressor, assembly it with required components and mount it on a motorcycle. We have essentially eased tasks of mechanics involved in the supercharging business. Design of our supercharger assumes its simple installation on motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and other 2-wheelers.

We plan:

  • To create the database of supercharger mechanics involved in supercharging business.
  • Once the Supercharger mechanics get in our database they are guaranteed personal discount for the future purchases.
  • While installing our superchargers on different motorcycles the supercharger mechanic will also receive our constant support: informational, technical, methodical, etc.
  • Discount also varies of the purchase volume.


We have created versatile supercharger for 4 stroke 50cc engines. There are thousands 50cc engined motorcycles used around the globe.
We have created a bolt-on kit for the Honda Monkey and we are planning to design similar kits for other makes and models of motorcycle.
The kit we have created for the Honda Monkey is designed to be as simple as possible for the used to install. Designing a kit of the same standard for other motorcycle models is a long process, especially without tips and outside help from model specific experts.
We are constantly receiving letters from 50cc 4 stroke motorcycle owners; they do not wish to wait until we create a specific kit for their motorcycles. Instead they are ready to buy our supercharger and mount it themselves. We are talking about simple garage made mounts and we want to help them with that.
In our turn, we are planning:

  • To create a forum on our webpage, for users to share their experience in mounting a supercharger to their motorcycle.
  • Take part in discussions, trying to create elements for simplified kits, which we can manufacture effectively and sell at an affordable price.
  • Create and manufacture fully operational kits for motorcycle modification, which are of the most interest to our clients.

We are certain, that the production of our kits and their elements can be achieved to a high quality and at an affordable price, and that crowdsourcing will grant quick reaction to the arising needs of our consumers.
We are planning to organize competitions for the creation of simplified kits and full bolt-on kits. The winners will be paid adequate prizes and information about them will be published on our website.
In our opinion, the openness of our team and the use of crowdsourcing will give us the possibility to solve many problems with mounting superchargers to many different type of motorcycle quick and effectively.


We are happy to collaborate with advertisers.
Our products have a very large target audience:

  • The motorcycle aftermarket has millions of potential customers.
  • They can be mounted on motorcycles equipped with small engines all over the world.
  • The advertisement of our products in the motorcycle industry will make our superchargers know to our target market.

For companies, wishing to place advertisements with our products, we have provided appropriate places for that.
Your advertisement can be placed on our products. E.g. — here.

Our sponsors

We are very grateful to our sponsors, who have helped financed our projects from the beginning. They are members of our team, until we start to create revenue; we count our sponsors for support.
We are also grateful to those sponsors, who support us periodically.
We are also grateful to those businessmen, who know about our research and support members of our team by helping them to create revenue.
We would also be grateful for new sponsors, especially for financial support during our development.
We would like to offer our sponsors the chance to place their information on our webpage:

  • Photo in official surrounding,
  • Name, Surname, city, state,
  • Personal motto,
  • Their message.

Our sponsors give us advice, support and encouragement. The interests of our are sponsors is of great impotence to us and we will gladly publish links to their resources on the Internet. Our sponsors are very interesting people, and we encourage as many people as possible learn about them. On our list of sponsors we have people who have given us useful information because timely information is a quite valuable resource.

To investors

Investors to our manufacture

We have started a very ambitious project to design and manufacture superchargers, kits and their elements and supplying them directly to our clients, owners of 50-125cc engined motorcycles.
It is very important that the kit is affordable to all, and can be attained for most of our clients.
There is no other such product available in the world, and 50-125cc engines require such devices, to create more power and response for the rider. In our opinion, the main task of any series production is to manufacture device effectively and to the best possible price.
Investments in our product are used in perfecting technological processes, equipment and rigging. Your investments are extremely useful for us, and in turn useful to you. The more finance we acquire the more we can increase our maximum effectiveness, making our products available in a shorter time scale.
Closest investment project. We issue securities to accept funds with the corporative warranty of paying interest and principal at the end of a fiscal period. Funds will be used to perfect technological processes.

Investors to other our projects.

During our development, we will offer investors other large products and opportunities. Apart from the supercharger project and kit designing, we have other projects in the field of engine manufacturing. You can see all the information about our other projects by reading our article in SAE.
We will continue our R&D in engine manufacturing and maybe, we will ourselves initiate our projects. Or perhaps our investors will find interest in our other projects and initiate them.
Projects to which our site is dedicated we take personally to reach commercial realization.
To fulfill other projects we are planning to draw attention of investors during the early stages.
As a rule, those projects are fulfilled in two stages:
Stage one — manufacturing of a project prototype.
Stage two — creating a joint company to fulfill a full-scale project.
These two project stages allow us to achieve our goals, and as we are sure in our experience, it is worth it.