About Us

Our mission

To provide motorcycle owners with new ideas. Motorcycles can and must provide their owners a feeling of satisfaction to the highest levels that the motorcycle industry can offer. We would like to provide each motorcycle owner with a possibility to find their personal combination excitement and control.

Our team

We are an independent team of designers and engineers. Our team of automotive industry enthusiasts and professionals has managed to captivate the attention of people aged 16 to 80. Our team consists of professionals as well as enthusiasts from the automotive industry including scientific workers, automotive R&D specialists, industrial workers and businessmen all with practical experience. We are eager to use crowdsourcing in our activity.

Our goals

  1. To manufacture simple and reliable superchargers for small engine motorcycles that will significantly increase acceleration dynamics whilst remaining safe for the rider, as well as the motorcycle’s engine. We can do this whilst keeping the supercharger at an affordable price.
  2. To produce a supercharger kit and kit parts, that allow the user to mount our supercharger without major mechanical assistance, whilst committing to our goal of affordability.

Our next steps

  1. To begin manufacturing superchargers for 4 stroke 50cc engines.
  2. To begin manufacturing Do-It-Yourself bolt-on supercharger kits for the Honda Monkey Z50/AB27.

Further development

  1. To adapt our kit for other small engine motorcycles that use AB27 and Z50 style engines.
  2. To create and manufacture kits for other small engine motorcycles from 50cc to125cc.

Welcome to our team!

We have created a versatile supercharger for 4 stroke 50cc engines. There are many 50cc motorcycles used all over the world; so far we have created a bolt on kit for the Honda monkey. With your help we wish to create kits for many other types of motorcycles by means of crowdsourcing. We will provide a support to supercharger specialists actively involved in installation of superchargers on motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and other 2-wheelers.